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Beach Studio
"The Dance Company" building and studios on the beach, St. Augustine, FL
Affiliated with CDA, ICCBP, the Oleg Vinogradov Foundation and others.


International Youth Ballet Festival USA

"Ballet at the Beach!"


Arrive, Thursday, June 23 - Saturday, July 2, 2016


St. Augustine, Florida


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Gala - July 1, 2016 - Pedro Menendez High School - 7 PM


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Ballet Pedogogy Course for Teachers




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Registration Deadline: June 15, 2016

Hotel Reservation and Room Sharing Deadline: May 30, 2016



Oleg Vinogradov, Artistic Director


Organized and Developed by

Classical Dance Alliance, Inc. (CDA), New York, NY

International Center for Choreography and Ballet Pedagogy (ICCBP), New York, NY

Oleg Vinogradov Foundation for the Preservation and Development of Classical Ballet,

St. Petersburg, Russia


Sponsored and Presented by these St. Augustine, FL organizations:

"The Dance Company"

Living Stones School of Classical Ballet, Inc., Nikki Angelo

And other area organizations



Newsflash! - May 2016 - International Youth Ballet Festival - Russia



Click on the image below to read about and see photos of The Rising Male Stars of Classical Dance.
Rising Male Stars
Brooklyn Mack
Men's IBC Silver Medal
Daniil Simkin
Men's IBC Gold Medal
Toshiro Muraoka-Abbley
IBC Great Hope Prize
Photography courtesy of Richard Finkelstein


Click here for Video of CDA's four day intensive Daytona Beach Summer Dance Intensive, 2013" with Historical Dance, Classical Ballet Sample Lesson and Performances of the students of associate teachers and choreographers.


About Classical Dance Alliance and how it is

"Raising the Barre on Ballet Schooling®"


Since 2002, Classical Dance Alliance, Inc. has brought world-class experts directly to the ballet and dance community through teacher's courses, special events and festivals, working year round with many recognized world renowned specialists in Ballet Pedagogy, Ballet Mastering and the Art of Choreography. It was Agrippina Vaganova (1879 - 1951) who summed up the efforts of all of the teachers and ballet masters of her time when developing the "Teaching Method of Classical Dance" which most often today is called the "Vaganova Method" or "Vaganova's Teaching Method". Vera S. Kostrovitskaya (1906 - 1979) was chosen by Vaganova to replace her and working with methods committees continued the classical ballet pedagogical tradition at the highest level. To emphasize and honor the significant contributions of the artists who helped to develop ballet as a fine art form, both before and after Vaganova and Kostrovitskaya, CDA chooses to use the term "Teaching Method of Classical Dance" instead of the "Vaganova Method".


CDA provides comprehensive training in Ballet Pedagogy for teachers, ballet masters and choreographers based on Vaganova's "Eight Year Program" and Kostrovitskaya's accelerated "Six Year Program" as well as the adjunct courses: Historical Dance, Character Dance, Partnering, Acting for Dancers and Music for Ballet from the Classroom to the Stage. All courses are authentic, methodical, progressive and detailed. Starting in the Summer 2014, for the first time, courses are offered online with original, understandable, manuals and standard text references.


In order to deliver programs and meet its mission, CDA coordinates and works with many well known individuals and institutions. Past guest teaching artists have included: Irina Kolpakova (Classical Dance and Variations); Vladilen Semenov (Classical Dance and Variations); Oleg Vinogradov (Choreography and Musical Theatre Direction); Anna Marie Holmes ( Classical Dance and Variations); Vladimir Kolesnikov (Character Dance); Nina Kolesnikova (Historical Dance); Irina Guseva (Classical Dance and Historical Dance); Janet L. Springer (Classical Dance Pedagogy); Marina Gendel (Music for Ballet); Vladimir Shinov (Music for Ballet). Our ever expanding network now includes:


Classical Dance Alliance, Inc. (CDA)

Founded in 2002 for "Raising the Barre on Ballet Schooling®"

Executive Director: Janet L. Springer


International Center for Choreography and Ballet Pedagogy (ICCBP)

Founded by CDA in 2012

Artistic Director: Oleg Vinogradov


Oleg Vinogradov Foundation for the Development and Preservation

of Classical Ballet, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Founded in 2012 in St. Petersburg, Russia, by Oleg Vinogradov, in response to a large group of ballet theater goers who wrote a petition to him requesting that the Russian ballet tradition be continued at the highest artistic level.


in association with


N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov State Conservatory

St. Petersburg, Russia


Please inquire about our Certificate Program which is in the process of development.


Some courses are already being offered, at convenient times, online and with blended learning.


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